Adams, Trayton 22.jun.1884-16.mar.1943 England, Newcastle-upon-Tyne - Northampton
bandmaster, 1901 studied at the Royal Military School of Music at Kneller Hall, 1899-1911 musician in the band of the 1st Durham Light Infantry, bandmaster WOI (warrant officer class 1), 1916 bandmaster of the 2nd Battalion of the Northamptonshire Regiment Aldershot, he served in Ireland, India, France, Belgium and Sudan, 1933 conducted massed bands at the Aldershot Tattoo, 1936 he left the British Army, 1936-1939 musical adviser of the Aldershot Tattoo, 1939 retired residing with his wife Catherine at Farran Ferris house on Weybourne Road in Farnham Surrey, at time of death residing at 24 Stimpson Avenue Northampton ; ?1909 he married Catherine Maguire (17.feb.1884-1940 Aldershot) ; 1940 in Surrey he married Violet Pinder Meadows

Title Parts

[] The Old Cork Road. March. Band
pub Hawkes, London 1919

[] The Wren in the Poplars. Piccolo solo and military band
pub Boosey & Co., London 1927

[] Keepers of the King's peace. March medley. Military band
pub Graham Gill, London 1938

[] Keepers of the King's peace. March medley for organ or pianoforte
arrangement by George Linstead for the Coronation Tattoo, Aldershot 1937
pub Graham Gill, London 1938

[] Tudor rose. March with bugles. Military band
pub Boosey & Hawkes, London 1939

[] Two Shakepearean dances. Band [] 1 - Caliban
[] 2 - Ariel
[] Rouge et noir. March. Band
[] Mandla Road. March. Band
[] Crown and Commonwealth. March. Band
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