Adams, William Henry 1820-18.jun.1914 England, London Paddington - Wales, St Asaph
organist, 1848-1852 professor of music in Shrewsbury Shropshire, 1857-1890 professor of music in London, 1857-1899 organist of St Martin-in-the-Fields in London, 1881-1901 widowed residing at 15 Park Road in London Lewisham, 1911 residing at Chesterfield The Grove in Rhyl Wales ; 1847 in Brighton he married Sarah Chamberlain Devey (Stoke Newington 14.feb.1819-) ; daughter music teacher Frances Harriet Adams (Shrewsbury 1848-) who never married and lived with her father all her life

Title Parts

[] 2 Andantes. Organ. 1889
[] O'er the trackless ocean guided. Hymn
[] The Dart polkas. Piano
music William Adams - ? William Henry Adams (1820-1914)
published Exeter 1851

[] Mozart's celebrated overture to the opera of La villanella rapita
music Francesco Bianchi 1783, falsely attributed to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
now first arranged for the piano forte by William Adams - ? William Henry Adams (1820-1914)
publisher George Shade, London 1815-1840

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