Adamson, Alexander 20.nov.1844-?? Scotland Fife, Ceres - ?, ?
music teacher, composer, 1858 received his first solfege lessons from Rev David Anderson of the United Presbyterian Church in Ceres, 1860 precentor at the Parish Church in Ceres, 1864 moved to Edinburgh where he studied music with James Heriot, studied music with John Curwen and Colin Brown in Glasgow, 1870 precentor at the Steeple Church in Dundee, 1881 choirmaster of the Panmure Street Congregational Church in Dundee, he taught music, singing and a male choir

Title Parts

[] Dark flodden field. Part song
words and music Alexander Adamson
in Musical treasury 220
pub E. Kohler & Son, Edinburgh 1880

[] Ellwand's fairy dean
subject : the "fairy dean" in Elwyn Glen, 2 miles from Melrose Roxburghshire
pub E. Kohler & Son, Edinburgh 1892
year of publication based on the first performances in late 1892

[] The Auxiliary Music Cards. Tones in order, step by step
Edited by A. Adamson, etc. 26 cards to a packet
pub J. Curwen & Sons, London 1888, 1889
[] 1 - Infants
[] 2 - Division II
[] 3 - Division III
[] 4 - Division IV
[] The Educational Vocalist. A selection of exercises and school songs, etc. Tonic sol-fa
pub J. Curwen & Sons, London 1888-1889

[] The National Vocalist. A selection of school songs. Voice exercises and sight-singing tests, graded to suit all the divisions in singing under the new Code
Edited by A. Adamson. Complete Edition. Tonic sol-fa
pub J. Curwen & Sons, London 1900

[] Staff Notation Vocalist. A graded course of original songs and exercises on tonic sol-fa principles
pub J. and R. Parlane, Glasgow Paisley c1900

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