Lewis, Edgar Ernest (ka Edgar Adeler) 7.dec.1895-1976 England, Birmingham Aston - South Africa, Durban
pianist, dance band leader, composer of light music, 1912 emigrated to South Africa, 1918-1924 he controlled 10 dance bands and one military band, 1924-1934 he lived in England and Germany and traveled the world, 1930 residing with his wife at 97 Adelaide Road in London, 1933 they lived with his family at 9 Abbeville Road in London Clapham, 1948 tearoom owner at Whinot Teagardens in Durban, 9-24.aug.1948 he visited the USA, 3.oct.1955 from Durham he arrived in England where he was hotelier in London Shepherds Bush ; son of theatre manager Arthur Llewellyn Lewis (ka Edwin Adeler) (Abingdon Berkshire 16.feb.1869-10.dec.1946 London Shepherds Bush) and Kate Elizabeth Gladden (Reading Berkshire 19.jan.1872-20.may.1963 London Ealing) ; b1930 he married Mabel Henriette Hoy (Cape Town 13.oct.1896-)

Title Parts

[] Karroo. Song
words Stanley Damerell and R. Hargreaves
pub B. Feldman & Co., London 2jul1923

[] In a day or two. Orchestra
arr. Harold Dixon
pub Dixon Lane Music Pub. Co., Chicago 16nov1923

[] Kannst du mir verzeih'n? Slow-fox. Orchestra
worte von Leo Breiten, musik von Edgar Adeler of Great Britain, arr. von Hartwig von Platen of Germany
pub Edition Meisel & Co., G.m.b.H., Berlin 1jan1930

[] Land of the might-have-been. Voice and piano
words and music Edgar Adeler of Great Britain, with ukulele arr. by R. S. Stoddon
pub B. Feldman & Co., London 30jun1930

[] Havah Nagilah. Voice and piano
pub Music Publishing Company of Africa, Johannesburg 1964

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