Adelf 'Mestecky', Jan 1520-25.sep.1593 Czechoslovakia, Hermanuv Mestec - Brtnice
Mestecky means 'from Mestec' but is considered as surname by many sources, 1546 he was a Lutheran priest in Vysoke Myto, 1562-1571 in Podebrady, then went to Moravia where he sought more freedom and became a preacher, 1571-1572 in Jaromerice, 1574-1575 in Zdounky, 1577-17.may.1583 in Prostejov, 1583 he had a serious dispute with the priest Pavel Kyrmezer which led to a short-term imprisonment, after his release in 1583 he settled in Brtnice, 1592 he took the rectory of Brtnice, he was also known as Jan with the latinized surnames Adelfi, Adelfus, Adelphus or as Jan with the latinized origin Hermannomiestecensis, Hermannomiestensis, Miestecensis, Miestensis

Title Parts

[] Pisen Adelfova (Adelf's song). Four-part satirical song. 1:55
incipit : Jan Adelf, Kyrmezere - ? meaning this was a satire on the priest Pavel Kyrmezer with whom he had a serious dispute in 1583
edited and published by Jaroslav Pohanka (1924-1964), Prague 1958
recorded by the vocal-instrumental ensemble Concentus Musicus / Arthur Maud. Minneapolis Minnesota 1993

[] Satiricka pisen (Satirical song). Four-part song. 1:46
probably the same as the foregoing
recorded by the vocal-instrumental ensemble Musica Fresca / Kveta Ciznerova. Prague 1994

[] Da pacem. Four-part song
J. A., Kyrmezere - ? meaning music by Jan Adelf and words by the priest Pavel Kyrmezer if this song dates from before his dispute with Kyrmezer in 1583

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