Adkins, James Edward 14.dec.1867-4.jan.1939 Ireland, Belfast - England Lancashire, Preston
organist, choirmaster, 1876-1882 chorister at Ely Cathedral where he also studied organ with Edmund Thomas Chipp, studied with Walter Parratt and Frederick Bridge at the Royal College of Music in London, 1887 qualified for FRCO, 1895 BM from Durham University, 1884 organist of St Anne in London Wandsworth, 1885 of All Saints Grosvenor Road in London, 1886 of St Stephen in London Twickenham, 1887 of the Parish Church in Esher Surrey, 1890-1912 of the Parish Church in Preston, 1890-1891 conductor of the Chorley Choral Society, 1893 secretary of the Royal College of Organist in Manchester and Leeds, 1895-1901 conductor of the Preston Amateur Operatic Society, 1.jun.1905-1907 of the Preston Choral Society, 1912 residing at 23 Fishergate Hill and 1920 at 30 Bairstow Street in Preston, he was member and P.P.G.Org. of the Lancashire masonic lodges PM 113, PZ Unanimity Chapter West Lancashire Province Grand Chapter and Knight Templars Provincial Priory, 1934-1939 he retired and died at the care home Bushells Hospital in Goosnargh near Preston ; son of steward of the Walsoken Conservative Club and retired soldier at 50 James Adkins (Warwick 1840-) and Emma Ryan (Ireland, Limerick 1844-) ; brother of bandmaster/composer Hector Ernest Adkins (England, Ely 22.sep.1885-1962) ; 29.jul.1889 at St Stephen's in Twickenham he married Louisa Day (London Pancras 1861-1947 Preston) ; their son organist/bandmaster James Francis Basil Adkins (Preston 4.apr.1898-1.oct.1917) was killed in war action in Ypres Flanders

Title Parts

[] Magnificat and nunc dimittis in D
pub Novello, Ewer & Co., London 1898

[] Dirge. Organ
in the Organists' Quarterly Journal. b1908

[] Sonata for the organ. b1908 unpublished
[] Communion Service in B flat. b1908
[] Evening Service in D. b1908
[] 2 Concert overtures for full orchestra. b1908 unpublished
[] Rock of Ages. b1908 unpublished
[] Pentecost. b1908 unpublished
[] Cantate Domino. b1908 unpublished
written for the choir of Albany Cathedral, New York USA

[] Deus misereatur. b1908 unpublished
written for the choir of Albany Cathedral, New York USA

[] Evening Service for men's voices. b1908 unpublished
[] Tears, idle tears. Four-part song for mixed voices
words Tennyson
composed for the Musical Competition Festival in Preston 20/22feb1909
pub Novello & Co., London 1908

[] Magnificat and nunc dimittis. Male voices
pub Novello & Co., London 1910

[] Magnificat. Treble voices
pub Stainer & Bell (modern church services no111), London 26may1911

[] Te Deum in G. Mixed choir and organ
pub Stainer & Bell (modern church services no116), London 14jun1911

[] Magnificat and nunc dimittis in G. Mixed choir and organ
pub Stainer & Bell (modern church services no121), London 3aug1911

[] Te Deum. Treble voices
pub Stainer & Bell, London 1911

[] Jubilate. Treble voices
pub Stainer & Bell (modern church services no110), London 26may1911

[] Jubilate in G. Mixed choir
pub Stainer & Bell (modern church services no117), London 14jun1911

[] Boosey's Military Journal, 147th series no4. Two arrangements for military band
pub Boosey & Co., London 20dec1923
although James Edward Adkins is credited as the author of the first piece, the copyright on both arrangements are credited to Hector Ernest Adkins 20dec1923, including the copyright renewal 26dec1950
[] 1 - Hibernia. Overture. James Edward Adkins
[] 2 - Adagio and allegretto from the Brandenburg concerto no1 by Johann Sebastian Bach
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