Adkins, Thomas Grosvenor 4.mar.1823-29.mar.1917 England, London Chelsea - USA Missouri, Kansas City
bandmaster, captain, 1860 music teacher at 47 Huyshope Street in Hartford Connecticut, 22.jul.1861-17.jul.1862 he served in the Civil War as bandmaster of the 1st Heavy Artillery Regiment, 10.feb.1864-5.apr.1867 he was reenlisted as bandmaster of the 14th Infantry Fusiliers at Knoxville Pennsylvania, 30.aug.1873 and 13.dec.1873 as bandmaster of the Colt's Armory Band of Hartfort and the Regimental Band First Regiment Connecticut National Guard he advertized 'will furnish music for parades, excursions, promenade concerts etc.' and 'Adkin's Orchestra from 5 to 20 pieces for receptions, sociables, private parties etc', residing at 73 Sheldon Street in Hartford Connecticut, 4.jul.1879 (Independence Day) in New Haven he took part with his Colt's Armory Band in a procession of 3 miles long including some 20 military bands organized by Col. Ezra J. Trull and his Fifth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Militia of Boston, 16.sep.1882 he conducted the Home Band at their sixteenth promenade concert at the Home in Dayton Ohio, 23.aug.1888 he conducted the Soldiers' Home Band at the Soldiers' Home in Dayton Ohio, 9 months before his death he moved from his regular residence Dayton Ohio to Kansas City, he was buried at Woodland Cemetery in Dayton Ohio ; son of Thomas Adkins and Catharine Grosvenor ; 1866 in Portland Oregon he married Jane Miller (Ireland or Newfoundland, St Johns dec.1841-27.jan.1935 Kansas City)

Title Parts

[] American Patriots. Quickstep. Wind band
pub C. G. Conn, Elkart, Indiana

[] Old time. Quickstep. Wind band
pub C. G. Conn, Elkhart Indiana

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