Adler, Bernard 'Bernie' Aal 8.may.1879-11.jun.1942 USA Illinois, Chicago - Chicago
pianist, from the age of 18 he composed very successful ragtime and comical songs, some gaining wordwide success, 1880 aged 1 residing with his parents, his 2 year old brother Maurice, his 3 year old sister Flora and a servant at 237 Superior Street in Chicago, 1900 residing with his parents, grandma F Aal, 1 brother, 3 sisters and 2 servants (housemaid, cook) at 571 East Division Street, 1910 as musician residing with his first wife at 3000 Michigan Avenue, 1918 he lived as traveling salesman for the Roman Oil Portrait Co. with his widowed mother at 121 East 44th Street, 1930 as single (divorced) night club musician lodging at a night club on 749 Rush Street, 1940 still rooming there as musician of Club Alabam, 1942 residing with his sister Flora at 4734 North St. Louis Avenue ; son of clock manufacturer/insurance agent Levi (Louis) Adler (Germany 1.feb.1852-21.aug.1916 Chicago) and Sarah Jacobs (California, Stockton 1857-19.feb.1942 Chicago) ; brother of music sheet salesman/toy shop proprietor Maurice Louis Adler (Chicago 12.mar.1878-23.jul.1939 Chicago) ; his sisters Flora and Janet were both actress ; 9.jun.1906 in Minneapolis he married Charlotta A Hayward (NY, Buffalo 1874-15.dec.1912 Chicago) ; 20.aug.1913 in Chicago he married the 19 year old May Evelyn Moore (1894-), divorced 1916 ; 26.feb.1918 in Detroit he married Lynuella Williams (Louisiana 1892-), divorced before 1930

Title Parts

[] Have you seen the old home since you left it?
introduced by Agnes Castor, the California nightingale
words Arthur J. Lamb
pub White-Smith Music Pub. Co., Boston 1896

[] I want a real coon
sung by Zoa Mathews, real coon originator
dedication : Dedicated to Miss Lea Le Claire
words Arthur J. Lamb
pub Windsor Music Co., Chicageo & New York 1898

[] Sweet Lillie Lavender. Waltz song
words Arthur J. Lamb
pub S. Brainard's Sons Co., Chicago & New York 1898

[] Rebecca's left home with a coon. Song
words Arthur J. Lamb
pub Windsor Music Co., Chicago & New York 1899

[] The rose and the heart. Song
words Victor H. Smalley
pub F. B. Haviland Publishing Co., New York 1906

[] Dat lovin' rag
as sung in Victor H. Smalley's burletta The merry widower
lyrics Victor H. Smalley
pub F. B. Haviland Publishing Company, New York 1907

[rem : his most famous and widest performed composition]

[] Meet me at the depot, or meet me at the train. Comic waltz song
words Arthur Gillespie
pub Will Rossiter, Chicago 1907

[] Good morning Judge. Song
wordsVictor H. Smalley
pub Smalley & Adler, Chicago 1908

[] Won't you come up and spoon in Coey's Balloon "Chicago". Waltz song
words Victor H. Smalley
pub Smalley & Adler, Chicago 1908

[] That dreamy rag
dedication : Respectfully dedicated to my brother Maurice L. Adler
words Harry L. Newton
pub Will Rossiter, Chicago 1909

[] I love my horse and wagon, but oh! you Buick car
dedication : Respectfully dedicated to W. J. Mead
words Victor H. Smalley
pub Bernie Adler, United States 1909

[] When I'm away, you'll miss your
successfully sung by Harry Downing
dedication : Respectfully dedicated to the traveling salesmen of America
dedication : Respectfully dedicated to Miss Mabel Hadley of Chicago, Illinois
words and music Bernie Adler
pub Thompson & Co., Chicago 1911

[] The dying rag
sung by Sophie Tucker
words Irving Berlin
pub Ted Snyder Co., New York 1911

[] Just as the ship went down
subject : sinking of the Titanic
words by Edith Maida Lessing, music by Bernie Adler and Sidney Gibson
pub Harold Rossiter Music, Chicago Illinois 1912

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