Adler, Julius L 6.oct.1859-13.jun.1905 Germany Wurttemberg, ?Stuttgart - USA California, San Francisco
trombonist, cornetist, bandmaster, jewish, 1872-1875 studied composition with 'the best german masters' for 3 years at the Conservatory of Music in Stuttgart Germany, 1875 came to America, returned to Germany to finish his study harmony and composition with Wieler (?) in Stuttgart, 1876 played in one of the leading orchestras of New York, 1876-1879 played in and conducted orchestras in San Francisco, until 1886 as trombonist active in Butte Montana, 13.dec.1885 and every Sunday trombonist in the Butte Concert Orchestra at the Renshaw Opera House in Butte, 5.jan.1886 trombonist in an orchestra at the Grand Opera House in Butte, from Butte he moved for a short time to Portland Oregon, then played in the Coates Opera House for 7 years in Kansas City Missouri, 1886-1888 as musician boarding at Patton House in Kansas City, Apr 1886 bandmaster of the Seventh Regiment band in Kansas City, 15.jun.1886 enlisted and 7.sep.1886 deserted as principal musician in the Sixth Infantry band at Fort Leavenworth near Kansas City and surrendered himself 5.may.1887 as musician in the Second Cavalry band at Fort Walla Walla in Washington, he was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, 14.jul.1887 imprisoned at Fort Alcatraz but Senator Mitchell commutated his sentence and was released 23.dec.1887, 3.may-4.jun.1888 he was instructor of the Long Island Silver Cornet Band in Kansas City, 29.apr.1888 as still a young and single musician he had a dubious relationship with a 15-year old dissolute and abused Jewish orphan girl Leah Black who committed suicide 16.jun.1888, 19.jun.1888 he was still in Kansas City, 10.jun.1890 he was on his wedding tour from Kansas City in Salem Oregon where his sisters were endeavoring to persuade him to remain in Salem and establish himself in business, 20.jun.1890 he continued his wedding tour going to his brother Carl in Baker City Oregon, 24.jul.1890-28.aug.1890 residing in La Grande Oregon, 1891-1893 he had accepted a flattering offer to go to Denver Colorado, 1894 the managers invited him to take charge of the music of the Fort Defiance Centennial Ohio, 1895-1896 residing in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Friday 12.jun.1896 after his second opera had ran for 5 days at Boston Theatre he and the soprano in the leading role departed Boston leaving the cast stranded and without salary, married in New York and went on a bridal tour, August 1896 they settled in Waterloo Iowa, where he was teacher of vocal art, harmony, thorough bass, composition, instrumentation, all brass and reed instruments, director and instructor of opera, oratorio and general chorusus and his wife vocal teacher with Studio at 611 Commercial Street, bandmaster of the K. P. Band of Waterloo, 6.nov.1896 the Helmet Lodge No 89 and Rathbone Sisters No 70 gave them a reception of 250 invitations with Mrs Adler singing and the band playing some selections, 17.dec.1896 in Waterloo he had patented his invention of an instructive musical game 'Wyhoo' in the USA and England which was lauded by leading music educators from Boston, New York and London, Feb 1897 escaping their debtors they silently departed Waterloo, he shortly played in an orchestra in Chicago, then settled as musical director in New York, 1.apr.1898 Wily musical director Julius Adler deserts his wife Helen Rainsley in New York after squandering her money, 26.sep.1898 as musical composer he was in San Francisco while residing in New York, 19.jul.1899 Helen Rainsley singer of the Bostonians divorced the unfaithful musical director Julius Adler, 1898 founder and bandmaster of the Tacoma Military Band in Tacoma Washington, 12.jan.1899 he visited Seattle Washington to prepair for the 4th of July Indepencence Day celebrations, 1900-1901 as bandmaster of the Tacoma Military Band residing at 409 South C Street, 1902 as bandmaster of Adler's Band residing at 722 South J Street in Tacoma, 9.apr.1902 Julius Adler a well-known musician and bandleader of Seattle is registered at the Grand in San Francisco, 1904 as bandmaster of Adler's Eureka Band residing at 605 B Street in Eureka, 11.dec.1904 in San Francisco he advertized 'wanted a tuba player' for his Eureka Band, 13.jun.1905 he died aged 45 in San Francisco, 15.jun.1905 funeral services took place at the San Francisco Lodge No 3 Elks Hall 223 Sutter Street, he was buried the same day at the hebrew Salem Cemetery in San Francisco Colma
- brother of jeweler Carl Adler (Germany Wurttemberg, Stuttgart 29.may.1854-28.jul.1918 Oregon, Baker City)
- brother of Anna Adler (Wurttemberg 1856-28.jul.1892 Salem) 1886 married Henry S Simon (Germany 1859-7.mar.1932 Portland)
- brother of Mathilda Adler (Germany 23.dec.1850-19.feb.1921 Eugene) 16.nov.1873 in Salem married Samson Hiram Friendly (Germany 6.dec.1840-13.aug.1915 Eugene)
- brother of Adelheid Adler (Wurttemberg 18.feb.1840-21.mar.1915 Portland) 27.sep.1871 in San Francisco married Leopold Hirsch (Hobach 7.feb.1825-17.oct.1892 Salem)
- 1890 he married his first wife, 10.jun.1890 they started their wedding tour from Kansas City to Salem Oregon
- 21.jun.1896 in Manhattan he married the soprano Nellie Helen Rainsley (Pennsylvania, Antis 7.nov.1866-22.oct.1940 San Francisco), 19.jul.1899 in New York she divorced him
- 1.jun.1897 in San Francisco engaging in bigamy he married Augusta Brown (California, Marysville 26.dec.1876-18.feb.1956 California, Eureka)

Title Parts

[] Guard Mount march. Wind band
pub Jean White, Boston 1886

[] Members of Congress march. Piano, also for wind band by the composer
dedication : Hon. Sol Hirsch of Portland Oregon, United States Minister to Turkey
pub J. R. Bell, Kansas City, Missouri 1888
pub for wind band Jean White, Boston 1888

[] Senator Mitchell's march. Piano, also for wind band by the composer
dedication : John Hipple Mitchell, Senator of Oregon
pub J. R. Bell, Kansas City, Missouri 1889
pub for wind band Jean White, Boston 1889

[] Aid de Camp. March. Wind band
pub Jean White, Boston 1889

[] Lillies of Willamette Valley. March. Piano 4 hands, also for wind band by the composer
dedication : Lovingly inscribed to my dear nieces the misses Carrie, Theresa and Rosalia Friendly of Eugene (the 3 daughters of Hon. S. H. Friendly of Eugene Oregon)
music J. Adler, author of Members of Congress march, Senator Mitchell's march, etc.
pub Carl Adler, Baker City, Oregon 28jun1890
pub J. R. Bell, Kansas City, Missouri 1890
ms Historic Sheet Music Collection, University of Oregon, Eugene

[] General Anthony Wayne march. Wind band
General Anthony Wayne established Fort Defiance Ohio in 1794
pub Harry Coleman, Philadelphia 1894

[] The Patriots, a patriotic and romantic opera in 3 acts
dedication: Dedicated to the descendants of the Patriots of the Revolution
libretto William H. Carter (lawyer born Defiance Ohio 1856-)
copyright William Carter and Julius Adler, Philadelphia 18nov1895 (libretto) and 25jul1895 (music)
premiered at the Columbia Theatre in Atlanta Georgia 18nov1895
performed at the Grand Opera House in Philadelphia 16dec1895

[] Postal telegraph quick service. March. Wind band (clarinet, trombone, cornet, alto, tenor, baritone, tuba, drums, clarinet solo and cornet solo)
pub (200.000 copies were sold) Harry Coleman, Philadelphia 1895

[] The Liberty Bell. Patriotic opera 
libretto William H. Carter, music Julius L. Adler, with Helen Rainsley in a leading role
performed at the Boston Theatre "the largest and most magnificent theatre in America". Boston 4jun1896

[] The regimentals march. Chorus (from The Liberty Bell)
copyright Julius Adler, Philadelphia 1896
the music beautifully bound presented as souvenir to every lady who attends the performance of the opera Liberty Bell at the Boston Theatre 6jun1896

[] Great New York march
composed by request of the New York Herald
pub in the New York Herald of 12 April 1896
Hon. and Mrs. S. H. Friendly of Eugene Oregon received a copy of that newspaper 14may1896

[] Had you but learned to conjugate
copyright Julius Adler, Philadelphia 1896

[] I sailed away again
copyright Julius Adler, Philadelphia 1896

[] His duty must be done
copyright Julius Adler, Philadelphia 1896

[] In those rare days of long ago
copyright Julius Adler, Philadelphia 1896

[] Yes or No ?
copyright Julius Adler, Philadelphia 1896

[] University of Pennsylvania. March. Wind band
based on "When you and I were young, Maggie" by James A. Butterfield and "Sweet and low" by Joseph Barnby
pub Carl Fischer, New York 1896

[] Salute to Waterloo. Wind band
performed by the K. P. Band conducted by Julius Adler at the Waterloo Opera House 27nov1896

[] Papa's little sweetheart. Waltz song
words and music Julius Adler of Waterloo
pub for sale from S. A. Asquith, Waterloo 4jan1897

[] Land of our fathers. Anthem for choir and band (presented as a New National Anthem)
words and music Julius Adler
composed 12-26 Jan 1899 in Seattle for the 4th of July Indepencence Day celebrations in Seattle Washington
performed by the Endeavor chorus of 500 voices and the Lueben's band, University of Washington Campus, Seattle 4th of July 1899

[] The Philippine march. Piano
pub Musical supplement to The Sunday Examiner, San Francisco 12feb1899

[] U.S. Volunteers. March song
words and music Julius Adler
pub M. Witmark & Sons, New York 7may1901
arrangement for vocal orchestra, copyright Julius Adler 7dec1903
pub for wind band  M. Witmark & Sons, New York 1903

[] Testimonial march. Wind band
pub C. G. Conn, Elkhart Indiana

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