Adler, Max 29.sep.1863-7.dec.1938 Hungary, Gajar (Gairing) - Austria, Vienna
violinist, conductor, studied violin with Jakob Dont, harmony and composition with Anton Bruckner, musicology with Eduard Hanslick, founder and director of his own music school in Vienna, he published his own violin studies and edited and revised violin studies by other composers, he arranged compositions by other composers for violin, 2 violins, violin and piano, he published no original compositions

Title Parts

[] Skalen- und Akkord-Studien fur die violine (Etudes de gammes et d'accords pour le violon) (Studies on the scales and chords for the violin)
pub Universal-Edition, Vienna 1903
pub E. Ascherberg & Co., London

[] Scalen- und Accord-Studien auf einer saite, in moll, fur violine (Studies on the scales and chords on one string only, in minor, for violin)
pub Universal-Edition, Vienna 1909

[] Scalen- und Accord-Studien auf einer saite, in Dur, fur violine
pub Universal-Edition, Vienna 1909

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