Adlerstein, Johann Janothyk ritter von 18??-18?? Czechoslovakia, Olomouc - ?, ?
pianist, piano teacher, to judge from his Study books he must also have been a violinist, flutist and guitarist, c1835 he came as disabled Czech military officer to Pest Hungary, where he married the owner of a girls' institute, gave music lessons and wrote in Viennese newspapers, but was also a police informant, he wrote with glowing hatred about everything that was Hungarian, although during his adventurous life he was also employed as a police officer in Hungary, in the Wiener Allgemeine Musik Zeitung he constantly attacked the political and artistic aspirations of the Hungarians, 1846 he wrote the following critical article about Berlioz's performance February 1846 in Pest on the occasion of Count Kazmer Batthyany's purchase of Berlioz' Rakoczy March for two hundred forints: "Was mag wohl derjenige bekommen haben, der den Rakoczy Marsch im Jahre 1815 componirte? Er hiess Scholl, war Kapellmeister beim Regiment und ein sehr bescheidener, lieber, guter, dicker Mann, ich habe ihn noch gekannt, jetzt ist er todt, er starb im Spitale, aber der Rakoczy Marsch lebt noch, er lebt fur alle Zeiten und schlangelt sich wie der rothe Faden durch das ganze Ungarn...", his claim in this article was wrong, Miklos Scholl was not the author but an arranger of the traditional song and melody

Title Parts

[] O mon ange dis moi. Romance dramatique, pour le chant avec accompagnement du piano. op10
[] E morta. Romanze de Donizetti transcrit pour le piano. op12
[] Quadrille hongroise. Kortanc (Circle dance). Piano. op13
music J. J. von Adlerstein - J. J. d' Adlerstein
pub Johann Hoffmann, Prague 1845

[] Methode preliminaire et progressive de piano. op16
pub Rozsavolgyi & Comp., Budapest

[] Lehrmethode beim Klavierunterricht. op16
published by Grimm
as Revised German edition "Elementarunterricht in der Musik", published by Jozsef Wagner

[] Violin Teacher. op20
[] Flute School. op21
[] Fanny. Polka-Mazur. Piano
music J. J. von Adlerstein - erroneously J. F. Adlerstein in Pazdirek
pub Rozsavolgyi & Comp., Budapest

[] Marion polka. Piano
[] Savoyarden polka. Piano
[] Elmeleti s gyakorlati bevezetes a gitar jatszas alapos megtanula sara (Theoretical and practical introduction to a thorough learning to play the guitar)
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