Adlington, Jonathan 'John' 31.jul.1839-10.mar.1884 England Nottinghamshire, Southwell - Scotland, Edinburgh
organist, pianist, professor of music, music seller, 1851 and 1861 as professor of organ and piano residing with his parents at 52/14 Wilmot Street in Derby, 1862 teacher of music at 54 Osmaston Street in Derby, 1866 he moved to Aberdeen where he taught singing, organ and piano, was music master at the Normal College and piano teacher at the Aberdeen Church of Scotland Training College, director of music of the Provincial Grand Lodge at the Aberdeen Masonic Hall, organist of the Choral Union and of St. Andrew's Cathedral, 1877 he resigned his positions and moved to Edinburgh where he took over part of the teaching practice of his brother William, 1881 as music teacher residing with his parents at Ring Wood Cottage in Banchory Devenick near Aberdeen ; son of tailor employer/professor of singing William Adlington (Southwell 11.nov.1812-14.oct.1895 Edinburgh) and Keturah Pope (Hampshire, Ringwood 1.jun.1814-21.jun.1894 Glasgow) ; brother of composer William Adlington

Title Parts

[] Chant des Ondes. Impromptu pour piano
pub London 1873

[] Call me pet names. Song. Voice and piano
pub Edwin Ashdown, London 1873

[] Come my love. Serenade. Voice and piano
words J. Gordon
pub Wood & Co., London 1874

[] Evening shadows. Duet, for two trebles
words Adelaide Anne Procter
pub Aberdeen 1879

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