Adlington, William bap.19.apr.1837-21.oct.1921 England Nottinghamshire, Southwell - London Croydon
pianist, organist, publisher, studied music with Johann Baptist Cramer, 1852 studied with William Henry Holmes, Cipriani Potter, William Sterndale Bennett and Charles Lucas at the Royal Academy of Music, 1865 Associate RAM, 1882 Fellow RAM, 1851 as music scholar residing with his parents at 52 Wilmot Street in Derby, 1862 teacher of music at 54 Osmaston Street in Derby, 1864 settled in Edinburgh were he held several teaching appointments, ao principal of the Edinburgh Institution for Music and piano master of the Ladies College, co-director and organist of the Edinburgh Classical Chamber Concerts, 1871 as music teacher residing at Elm Cottage in Ratho Scotland, 1881 as music teacher residing in Edinburgh, 1882-1896 residing in Aberdeen as conductor of the University Orchestral Society and engaged in large business, wholesale in pianos, music selling and publishing at 3 Moray Place in Glasgow and Aberdeen, organist of St. Andrew's Cathedral in Aberdeen, 1901 as concert director residing in London Croydon, 1911-1921 as harp and piano manufacturer residing with his wife and servant at 36 Beulah Road in Croydon ; son of tailor employer/professor of singing William Adlington (Southwell 11.nov.1812-14.oct.1895 Edinburgh) and Keturah Pope (Hampshire, Ringwood 1.jun.1814-21.jun.1894 Glasgow) ; brother of composer John Adlington ; 5.aug.1862 in Birmingham Edgbaston he married Emma Giles (Aberdeen c1837-10.aug.1907 Italy, Rome) ; 7.aug.1908 in Conway Wales he married Florence Mary Ann Roch (Wales Pembrokeshire 1862-25.aug.1909 Croydon) ; 5.feb.1911 in London Lambeth he married Gwendoline Emily Mary Hayes (Oxfordshire, Headington 21.dec.1874-20.dec.1944 Croydon)

Title Parts

[] Beatrice, a romance for the pianoforte
pub London 1861

[] Aimee. Mazurka, for the pianoforte
pub London 1861

[] The Chorale Book, a collection of 179 psalm and hymn tunes, suited to upwards of fifty metres compiled by Henry Howe Bemrose, and arranged by W. Adlington
pub London 1861

[] I am but a lowly flower. Song
the words from the German of Ruckert
pub London 1862

[] Those eyes that were so bright. Song
the poetry by T. Hood
pub London 1863

[] Wild flowers, three sketches for the pianoforte
pub London 1863

[] The Chorale Book, a collection of 211 psalm and hymn tunes, suited for upwards of fifty metres
compiled by Henry Howe Bemrose, and arranged by W. Adlington
pub Wertheim Macintosh & Hunt, London 1863
pub W. Bemrose & Sons, Derby 1863

[] Those happy days. Ballad
words T. Onions
pub London 1864

[] The Choir Chant Book, containing 300 chants, with kyries, doxologies, and glorias, and selected chants for the Te Deum
compiled by Sir Henry Howe Bemrose, edited by William Adlington
pub Bemrose & Sons, London and Derby 1867

[] Premiere Valse brillante pour piano
pub Paterson & Sons, Edinburgh 1870

[] La Rosa, transcribed for the pianoforte
pub London 1876

[] Elementary principles of music and elements of harmony adapted for those studying the pianoforte
pub Edinburgh 1881

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