Adnams, Gordon Alban 1950- England, London Bromley / 1968 Canada Ontario, Richmond Hill
choral conductor, 1972 BM and 1978 MM from the University of Toronto, 2008 DM from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, 2000-2006 professor of music at Taylor University in Edmonton, 2010 at Redeemer University College in Ancaster Ontario

Title Parts

[] Three days 'til summer. Brass quartet. 1978
[] Fanfare for Easter. 2 Trumpets and trombone
pub Sonante Publications, Toronto 1978
Heike Wnendt, Carsten Staschinski, Alwin Putzek

[] Christ the Lord is risen. Organ and brass fanfare
pub Sonante Publications, Toronto 1978

[] Three little lights. 2 Trumpets, trombone and tuba. 1978
[] Nobody knows. 2 Trumpets, trombone and bass trombone or tuba
pub Sonante Publications, Toronto 1982

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