Adrien (ne Andrien), Jacques Francois Ferdinand 1760-1830 Belgium, Liege - France, Paris
singer, singing teacher, for 6 years at Conservatorio San Onofrio in Naples, then in service of count d'Albaret at Loge Olympique in Paris, 1791-1799 choirmaster at Theatre Feydeau in Paris, 1793 musician in the Garde Nationale, 1795 his parish church was Saints-Jacques-et-Christophe de la Villette in Paris where he resided at 125 rue de la Tour d'Auvergne, 1795-1800 professor of solfege at the Conservatoire de Paris, 1798-1800 choirmaster at l'Opera de Paris, 1807-1809 according to Fetis choirmaster at l'Opera de Paris on which Grove 2002 comments that it is not confirmed by Wild that he was choirmaster at l'Opera in the years 1798-1801 (!) ; son of tailor Martin Joseph Andrien sr. (Liege 17.aug.1727-14.apr.1796) and Marie Therese Cantillon ; brother of Arnold and Martin ; 9.feb.1791 at Saint Eustache in Paris he married Gabrielle Mercier ; son Arnold Michel Andrien (Paris 23.jun.1795-) ; grandson Arnold Michel Andrien (Paris 15.aug.1835-)

[the Paris Conservatoire recorded the family name as Andrien and is used by Constant Pierre 1900, Arthur Pougin 1878 gave it as by-name but birth, death and marriage records reveal that the real family name was Andrien]
[in identifying who of the Adrien brothers composed what, Grove 2002 is useless because it follows RISM which erroneously attributes all music by Adrien to Martin Joseph, MGG2 attributes all music by Adrien to Arnold, Fetis attributes all to Arnold but two erroneously to Martin Joseph]

Title Parts

the following music is most likely all by Arnold Adrien, none by Ferdinand Adrien
[] (details unknown). Compositions for voice
according to Fetis

[] 5 Collections of Romances
according to Robert Eitner, E. G. J. Gregoir and Michel Brenet attributed these collections to J. Adrien [by which is meant Martin Joseph Adrien, rather than Jacques Francois Ferdinand Adrien] but actually all collections were by Arnold Adrien

[] La bonne fille "Affaible douce". Paris
composed by Adrien - most likely Arnold Adrien
ms British Museum

[] Untitled song "Il me faut donc chanter Garchi". Chant seule
composed by Adrien - most likely Arnold Adrien
pub O. Bornemann, Paris

[] Depart des braves. Choir
composed by Adrien - most likely Arnold Adrien
pub L. Labbe, Paris

[] Le fou ou La revelation. Opera. Theatre Ambigu-Comique Paris mar1829, Antwerpen Opera 3dec1829
music Francois Amedee dit Adrien (not by any of the Adrien brothers Arnold, Ferdinand or Martin)
libretto Beromet (Antony Beraud) and Alexis (Decomberousse)
Grove 2002 gives the title incorrectly as Le fou ou La Revolution and does not even know the composer was Francois Amedee dit Adrien

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