Adsuar Hernandez, Vicente 17??-f1793 Spain, Polina del Jucar - ?, ?
singer, canon, ?1737 canon at Catedral de Segorbe, 1779 tenor at Catedral de Valencia, 1786 canon at Catedral de Valencia, 1790 canon at Catedral de Siguenza, 1793 unsuccessfully applied for the post of choirmaster of Catedral de Valencia

Title Parts

[] Magnificat. 9vv and bc
[] Nunc dimittis. 9vv and bc
[] Dum gustasset factor. Motet. 12 vv, violins, flutes, trumpets and organ. 1787
[] Beatus vir. 10vv and bc
[] Laetatus sum. 9vv and organ
[] Dixit Dominus. 11vv and bc
[] Lauda Jerusalem. 9vv and bc
[] Laudate. 12vv and bc
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