Advinent, Joseph Etienne Jules Ulysse 'Ulises' 30.jan.1834-13.jan.1889 France, Marseille - Embrun
pianist, navy captain by profession, 1860 stationed in Buenos Aires, 1863-1868 he worked as caricaturist for the satirical newspaper 'El Mosquito', 1868 director of Orfeon Frances in Buenos Aires, 1868 at Teatro Colon he played in two concerts by fourteen pianists organized by Louis Moreau Gottschalk, 1868 he conducted a concert by the flutist Mathieu Andre Reichert at Salon Coliseum in Buenos Aires, 1869 as navy captain with french nationality still stationed in Buenos Aires and living with a certain Antonietta (born France 1839), he died at place Saint-Pierre in Embrun while residing with his second wife in Marseille ; 6.jan.1857 in Marseille he married Marie Augusta Paris (Marseille 9.sep.1837-) ; 28.oct.1876 in Marseille he married Madeleine Celina Rey (Embrun 20.sep.1839-)

Title Parts

[] Lablache. Mazurka. Piano
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