Adye, James Mortimer 19.apr.1859-30.mar.1895 England Dorset, Wimborne -  Hampshire, Bournemouth
2.jul.1859 baptized in Canford Magna, born and 1861 residing with his parents, 2 brothers, butler and 9 servants at Merley House in Canford Wimborne, 1881 residing with his widowed mother, 2 brothers and 4 servants (housekeeper, parlor maid, housemaid, cook) at Hughenden Cottage on Branksome Wood Road in Bournemouth Holdenhurst, he died in Bournemouth while residing at Holmwood Cottage and Orion Cottage in Brockenhurst New Forest ; son of landed proprietor Esq. Willett Lawrence Adye (Corfu 4.may.1818-27.nov.1878 London Newington) and Elizabeth Marian Ross (Scotland, Troqueer 1.sep.1822-30.mar.1905 Canford) ; 24.mar.1887 in Pau Pyrenees France he married Hortense Angelique Eudora Braunecker (Pau 23.jun.1868-), 8.dec.1890 he filed a petition for divorce on the ground of adultery, 11.may.1892 dismissed, 19.may.1892 his wife filed a petition for divorce on the ground that her husband was impotent and they had never cohabited together, 24.apr.1893 the divorce was dismissed after doctors had examined the parts and organs of generation for impotency and whether she is a virgin (at that time his wife had already settled in Paris)

Title Parts

[] Love-light. Song
sung by Miss Woodhatch
words Miriam Ross
pub Enoch & Sons, London 1883

[] Oh! sigh not love. Song
words Miriam Ross
pub Duncan Davison & Co., London 1884

[] Lady Bountiful. Song
words Clifton Bingham
pub J. B. Cramer & Co., London 1893

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