Aebi, Otto 11.mar.1923-27.may.1989 Switzerland, Burgdorf - Liestal
clarinetist, bassoonist, pianist, conductor, arranger, studied bassoon, piano and conducting in Bern, bandmaster of the Alpina Band, 1966-15.may.1976 bandmaster of Harmonie Affoltern am Albis, 1970 director of the Schallplatten-Abteilung Electromusic AG in Aesch, 1984 bandmaster of the Harmonia Bras Band in Prague Czechoslovakia and conductor of the Radio Bratislava Symphony Orchestra with which he established his name through his recordings of the music of the Strauss family

Title Parts

[] In den schweizer Alpen. Marsch. Wind band
pub Arcon Music, Gams c1980

[] In Dur und Moll. Marsch. Wind band
[] Neuer Fahnenmarsch. Wind band
[] Schilthorn-Panorama Marsch. Wind band
[] Unser Hauptmann. Marsch. Wind band
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