Aedonitsky (Ayedonitsky), Pavel Kuzmich 19.aug.1922-16.mar.2003 Russia Voronezh, Troitsky (Troitskoye) - Moscow
composer of popular music, 1938-1941 studied at the musical school in Gorky, graduated from the medical institute, 1945 settled in Moscow, 1945-1948 studied at Moscow Conservatory, 1948-1949 studied music at the Gnessin Institute in Moscow, 1959 laureate of the 7th World Festival of Youth and Students in Vienna, 1973 honored artist of the RSFSR, 1984 people's artist of the RSFSR, 2001 winner of the Moscow City Prize in Literature and Art

Title Parts

[] Repka. Musical comedy for children. Theater of Musical Comedy, Voronezh 1953
pub Soviet Composer, Moscow 1959

[] Pesni dlia golosa v soprovozhdeny fortepiano. Songs for voice or choir with piano or accordion (bayan)
pub Muzyka, Moscow 1966
pub Muzyka, Moscow 1974
pub Sovetsky kompozitor, Moscow 1978
pub Sovetsky kompozitor, Moscow 1983
pub Izdatelsky dom "Kompozitor", Moscow 2005
all publications probably containing different songs
[] Sweet land. Song for voice with piano or bayan
pub Sovetsky kompozitor, Moscow 1979

[] About the homeland, about Lenin, about the party. Songs for choir with piano accompaniment
pub Sovetsky kompozitor, Moscow

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