Aenstoots, Johann H 18??-19?? Germany, ? Kevelaer or Geldern - ?
choral conductor, probably merchant/manufacturer by profession, 1878 active in Ruhrort Duisburg Germany, 1885-1886 active/residing in Kevelaer, Germany on the border with the Netherlands, 1902-1925 J Aenstoots (? the composer or a relative) was merchant and manufacturer in and near Geldern and Kevelaer ; ? related to Johann Theodor Aenstoots (1783-8.sep.1897 Wetten near Kevelaer, Germany) and his wife Catharina Reijmer and their son pastor Peter Aenstoots (Wetten near Kevelaer, Germany 25.mar.1822-16.aug.1906 Heinkenszand, Netherlands)

Title Parts

[] Beliebte volkslieder fur pianoforte bearbeitet. 1. Heft. Weihnachtslieder
pub Aenstoots, Ruhrort 1878

[] Tobias. Oratorio
words and music Aenstoots
performed at the Caeciliafeest in Kevelaer 17/18 June 1886 (after a performance 28/29 May 1885 was cancelled due to illness of Aenstoots)

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