Afanador Real, Carlos 1.dec.1877-20.sep.1962 Venezuela, Ciudad Bolivar - Ciudad Bolivar
pianist, organist, choirmaster, 13.aug.1904 graduated as bachelor of philosophy from Colegio Federal de Varones in Ciudad Bolivar, studied harmony, instrumentation and composition with Albert Schneider at Hamburg Conservatory, MM in composition under Theodore Lack from the Conservatoire de Paris, concluded his studies in sacred music in Europe then moved to the USA where he taught music at private institutions, taught music for 50 years in Ciudad Bolivar, organist and choirmaster for 25 years at Catedral de Ciudad Bolivar, 13.mar.1958 a school of music 'Carlos Afanador Real' under the direction of Pascuale Fortunato was founded in Ciudad Bolivar

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no compositions by Carlos Afanador seem to have been published
[] symphonic arrangement, which included the Popule Meus of the Venezuelan composer Jose Angel Lamas
performed at his first concert on his return to Ciudad Bolivar given at Iglesia de la Magdalena

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