Agate, Edward 12.feb.1880-18.oct.1940 England Manchester, Salford Pendleton - Yorkshire, York
translator of lyrics and libretti, studied at Midlands Institute Birmingham, 2.apr.1911 residing at 123 Cornwall Road Kensington London, 1935 revised the text of Delius opera Koanga for the production at Covent Garden London, he left a large collection of acetate discs with privately off-air recorded radio broadcasts ; son of Grey cloth manufacturer Charles James Agate (Horsham 1835-1909 Manchester) and Eulalie Julia Young (Manchester 1850-1919) ; brother of solicitor, critic and writer James Evershed Agate (Pendleton 9.sep.1877-6.jun.1947 London Holborn) ; brother of government law valuer Henry Bertrand Agate (Salford Pendleton 1886-c1959 York) 1939-1959 residing at 46 Ainsty Avenue Dringhouses York where Edward lived before he died after an operation at York County Hospital

[Testament Records found his collection of discs in Manchester, an interesting story but the statement that Edward Agate recorded the BBC broadcasts of Mahlers symphonies between November 1947 and February 1948 is wrong, he died 7 years earlier]

Title Parts

[] Four compositions. Piano
pub W. J. Agate & Co. London, before 1904
[] 1 - Mazurka in G
[] 2 - Caprice
[] 3 - Slumber song
[] 4 - A fragment
[] 6 Songs. Soprano and piano. 1906
music Edward Agate
[] 1 - Die himmelsaugen (The eyes of heaven)
[] 4 - Hor ich das liedchen klingen (Ah when I hear the ballad)
[] Five songs dedicated to Delius. Soprano and piano
first published in 1911

[] 3 Interludes. Piano
pub Curwen, London and G. Schirmer, New York
copyright May Grantham (executrix of the late Edward Agate) 30aug1950

Writing: English translation by Edward Agate of Principles of orchestration (1873-1908 unfinished) by Nikolay Rimsky Korsakov (1844-1908)
completed by Maximilian Steinberg 1912
first published in Russian by Edwin F. Kalmus Inc. Scarsdale NY 1912
first published in English by Russian Music Agency, London 1922

Writing: Tales of Hoffman. English translation by Edward Agate of Les contes d'Hoffmann, opera by Jacques Offenbach
this translation by Agate was first published by J. B. Cramer & Co. London 1910
In the New York Central Opera Service Bulletin, Fall 1972, a translation is listed under "New Translations": The use of the vernacular for television opera has resulted in an English translation of The Tales of Hoffmann by Edward Agate. It was commissioned for a BBC production and is available from there.
(the sentence "resulted in an English translation" should read "resulted in a revised translation")
J. B. Cramer & Co Ltd. London published this revised translation as Tales of Hoffmann 1st Edition in 1971

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