Agnes, Donald 'Don' M 8.may.1858-5.apr.1909 Italy, ? - USA Michigan, Detroit Mt Clemens
musical director, bandmaster, 1882 upon his marriage he emigrated to the USA, 29.mar.1898 prof. Agnes of Detroit gave a musical evening in Mt Clemens which marked the opening of the festivities at the hotels for the season, 25-27.jan.1900 the Russell House Orchestra under direction of prof. D M Agnes, every evening after the theatre play The merchant of Venice at the Detroit Opera House, 1900-1909 as musician residing at 49 Jones Street in Mt Clemens, 22.mar.1904 he was elected trustee of the Pagoda Band of Detroit when it became member of the American Federation of Musicians, he was buried along with his wife and 3 of his 9 children at Clinton Grove Cemetery in Clinton Township near Mount Clemens ; 1882 he married the 14 (?) year old Mary G Branchier (Italy 5.apr.1868-3.feb.1950 Detroit) ; son musician John Edward Agnes born Michigan 23.nov.1882 when his mother was 14 (?) year old

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[] On the boulevard. March. Wind band
pub Lyon & Healy, Chicago Illinois 25jun1903

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