Agostino, Alfonso d' 5.sep.1883-19?? Italy, Avellino - ?, ?
violinist, educated at the Technical School of Avellino, studied music with Eusebio Dworzak and Camillo de Nardis at Real Conservatorio di Musica in Naples, 1898 he made a ten months tour through South America appearing in Manaos, Para, Pernambuco, San Paolo and Buenos Aires, 1902-1908 performed in New York and Boston, has been engaged in teaching for 14 years, 1904-1906 teacher violin at the Baldwin School of Music in Morristown NJ, 24.sep.1912 he emigrated to the USA settling in Birmingham Alabama, 1914-1915 teacher violin at the Sherwood Music School in Birmingham, 1915 he founded D'Agostino School of Alabama 1925 housed in the Watts Building, 27.jun.1919 in Birmingham he became naturalized american, 1947 still residing in Birmingham ; son of Pasquale d' Agostino and Letizia D. ; 4.sep.1917 in Birmingham he married Teresa Barranco (Birmingham 23.dec.1899-)

Title Parts

[] Villanelle. Violin and piano
pub Carl Fischer, New York & London 1905

[] A flower of Italy. Second mazurka brillante. Violin and piano. op10
pub Carl Fischer, New York 1906

[] Systematical study for violin - Studis sistematico. Preparatory to Ferarra's study of the violin including exercises by Alard, Abussi and Mori. op40
pub Williams Music House, Birmingham Alabama 1914

[] Saltarella. Andante e scherzo. Violin and piano. op42
dedication: Dedicated to Jean Sylvia Williams
pub Carl Fischer, New York 1914

[] Elegie. Violin and piano. op52
dedication: Dedicated to Madame Maud Powell
pub D'Agostino School of Music, Birmingham Alabama & Carl Fischer (distributor), New York 1915

[] Pastorella "Dance of the shepherdesses". Violin and piano. op64/3
from Scenes campestri (Rustic scenes)
pub Carl Fischer, New York 1929

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