Agratina, Georgy Ivanovich 5.apr.1948- Ukraine, Marshintsi (on the border of Moldova and Bukovina) near Chernivtsi
panpipe, dulcimer player, 1954 studied violin, dulcimer and panpipe with Fyodor Kaptary, 1968 finished his dulcimer studies at the music school in Chernivtsi, 1970 soloist with the National Orchestra of Folk Instruments, 1977 graduated from the Academy of Music in Kiev, 1978 teacher folk instruments at the Academy of Music in Kiev

Title Parts

[] Doina "Homage a Fyodor Kaptary". Panpipe and organ. 1996
Georgy Agratina, Robert Grudzien. DUX Recording 0272A04945

[] Doina "Homage a bishop Jan Chrapek". Panpipe and organ
Georgy Agratina, Robert Grudzien

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