Agrenev 'Slavyansky', Dmitry Aleksandrovich 7/19.dec.1834-10/23.jul.1908 Russia Tver oblast, Belsky district - Bulgaria, Ruse
singer, folklorist, choral conductor, studied singing in Moscow, choral conducting with Federico Ricci in St Petersburg and until 1862 in Italy and Paris, 1868 he founded a mixed choir 'Slavic Chapel', 1869 touring the US, followed by numerous European tours, from 1882 performing in 16/17th century costumes, he died on tour in Bulgaria ; he married singer Olga ; daughter singer Margarita Dmitriyevna Agreneva Slavyanskaya ; son conductor/composer Kirill Agrenev 'Slavyansky'

[Lustner Totenliste 1900 gives erroneously died October 1900 in Moscow]

Title Parts

[] Trostnik. Choir
[] Ehy Oohnem (Volga boat song)
arr of a Slavic folksong

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