Agrenev 'Slavyansky', Kirill Dimitriyevich 1882-16.may.1943 Russia, Tver - Argentina, Buenos Aires
conductor, 1900-1905 studied composition and instrumentation at Geneva Conservatory, 1905 debuted as conductor in Yalta Crimea, 1909-1910 conductor of the Imperial Opera in Tiflis (Tbilisi) Caucasus, 1911 he married in Yalta Crimea, 1916 conductor of the Russian court symphony orchestra in St Petersburg, 1920-1922 of the Grand State Theater in St Petersburg, 1922 moved to Argentina, 1926 founder/conductor of the Russian Opera in Paris with which he toured France, Belgium and Germany, 1930 residing at 14 rue Copernic in Paris, 4.nov.1936 he gave a performance at salle Pleyel dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Russian Opera in Paris, in WWII he returned to Argentina ; son of composer/choral conductor Dmitry Agrenev 'Slavyansky' and singer Olga

Title Parts

[] Boyarin Orsha. Opera. 1910
[] The little humpbacked horse. Opera
[] The seven princesses (Maeterlinck)
[] Symphony
[] String quartet
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