Agresta, Elio Carl 19.feb.1921-1.jun.1987 USA Pennsylvania, Altoona - California, San Diego Oceanside
trumpeter, bandmaster, conductor, from birth he grew up in Geneva Ohio, his parents never lived in Altoona, 1953 graduated from Kent State University in Kent Ohio, MM from Baylor University in Waco Texas, 26.jan.1942 he was enlisted in military service but was admitted to a military hospital July to November because he had acquired hepatitis, when healed he could finish his service until 13.nov.1945, 1940-1946 residing with his parents in Cleveland Ohio, he was first chair trumpet with the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra, 1957-1966 bandmaster and music teacher at Oceanside High School, 14.sep.1959 as members of the Music Teacher's Association of California Mr. and Mrs. Carl Agresta won a 'Notes' wall plaque at the Hi-Fi Room in Oceanside where a final plan was made for a 20-piano ensemble program by members and their students at the Oceanside High School on 17 October, 7.nov.1965 the 7th annual Piano Festival was held at Oceanside High School with Carl Agresta conducting, 1965-1967 music teacher at Palomar College and conductor of the Palomar College Symphony Orchestra in San Diego San Marcos ; son of inspector refrigerator manufacturing John Agresta (Italy, Collecorvino 18.jul.1889-23.jan.1966 Cleveland) and Antonietta Defelicibus (Antonette Defelix) (Italy, Collecorvino 7.jan.1889-8.jun.1958 Cleveland) ; 1947 in Cleveland he married Annabelle Christine Kraus (North Carolina, Plymouth 23.jul.1922-9.dec.1987 Oceanside)

Title Parts

[] March Brilliante. Wind band
pub Lavell Pub. Co., Omaha Nebraska 1955

[] March maestoso. Wind band
pub Lavell Pub Co., Omaha Nebraska 15mar1956

[] Una voce poco fa. From The barber of Seville. Cornet and wind band
arr. E. Carl Agresta
pub Lavell Pub. Co., Omaha Nebraska 9apr1956

[] Annabella
copyright E. Carl Agresta 11jul1972

[] Carlo
copyright E. Carl Agresta 11jul1972

[] Marko
copyright E. Carl Agresta 11jul1972

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