Agudo, Ignacio f1884-19?? Spain, Zaragoza - ?, ?
clarinetist, bandmaster, first clarinet at Teatro Principal in Zaragoza, bandmaster of Banda Municipal de Zaragoza, 1884 he contributed to the periodical Gaceta Musical of Zaragoza and 1888 to the periodical El Correo Musical of Zaragoza, 25.may.1889 at Cafe del Suizo in Huesca he played clarinet in a sextet composed of renowned professors all coming from Teatro Principal de Zaragoza ; father of composer/painter Ignacio Agudo y Clara

Title Parts

[] (details unknown). 2 Masses, 2 Salves, 3 Motets, 3 Graduals, 4 Rosaries, 2 Vespers, 3 Benedictus and a great number of pieces for piano and dance, most of his works have accompaniment for band or orchestra, all composed before 1895
[] Georgina. Mazurka. Piano
published in El Correo Musical no.14, Zaragoza 20aug1888

[] La gatita negra. Humorada en un acto. Zarzuela. Teatro Comico, Barcelona 22mar1906
libretto Jose Pastor Rubira
pub Vidal Llimona y Boceta, Barcelona 1906
ms Sociedad General de Autores y Editores (SGAE), Madrid

[] La gatita negra. March. Orchestra or piano
pub Orfeo Tracio & Ildefonso Alier, Madrid

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