Aguilar, Emanuel Abraham 23.aug.1824-18.feb.1904 England, London Surrey Clapham - London Marylebone
jewish pianist, of Spanish descent, teacher and concert pianist in London, his piano recitals have been for many years a regular feature of the London musical season, also gave concerts in Germany, 30.mar.1848 he played at the Gewandhaus concerts in Leipzig, 1851 as professor of music residing at 68 Upper Norton Street in Marylebone, 1871 widowed with 5 children, housemaid, nursemaid, nurse and cook residing at 17 Gloucester Crescent in Paddington, 1901-1904 residing at a lodging house 7 Weymouth Street in Marylebone ; son of Emanuel Aguilar (West Indian of Spanish extraction 8.jun.1787-18.jan.1845) and Sarah Diaz Fernandez (9.jun.1787-29.apr.1854) ; brother of novelist Grace Aguilar (London Hackney 2.jun.1816-16.sep.1847 Frankfurt) ; 22.mar.1848 in Frankfurt am Main he married Sarah Lindo (London 27.apr.1826-20.apr.1868 Paddington, on giving birth of their fifth child) ; 22.jan.1880 in London he married Ellen Britton (England 1831-3.may.1883 Paddington)

Title Parts

[] Symphony no1 in C. Frankfurt am Main 1844 
[] Symphony no2 in e. Frankfurt am Main 1844, London 1851
[] Allegro maestoso. Piano and orchestra. London 1852
[] Alpheus. Overture. London 1853
[] Trio in g. Piano and strings. 1853
[] Symphony no3 in d. London 1854
[] Wave king. Opera. 1855
[] Trio in E. Piano and strings. 1856
[] Sextet. Piano and wind. 1860
[] Psalm I. Voices and orchestra. 1861
[] The bridal wreath. Opera. 1863
[] Summer night. Cantata for treble voices. 1875
[] St George. Overture. London 1875
[] Duo concertante in C. 2 Pianos. 1878
[] The bridal of Triermain. Cantata. Bedford 1880
[] Goblin market. Cantata for treble voices. 1880
[] Fantasia. Organ, two pianos and violin. 1880
[] String quartet in A. 1884
[] String quartet in d. 1885
[] Sonata. Piano duet. 1885
[] Septet. Piano, wind and strings. 1888
[] Quartet. Piano and strings. 1888
[] Trio in a. Piano and strings. 1889
[] Six sonatas. Piano
[] Allegro. Piano and orchestra
[] Quartet. Piano and strings
[] The stars are brightly beaming. Song
[] The appeal. Song
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