Aguilera Morales, Pedro 1860/1861-4.may.1910 Spain Andalucia, ?Almeria - Sevilla
guitarist, 1881 in the Almerian La Cronica he was called 'the young guitarist Don Pedro Aguilera Morales', studied guitar with Juan Robles Yanez, Nov 1882 to Oct 1884 pupil and teacher played in Almerian theaters such as Cafe Suizo, Teatro Principal and Teatro Calderon, July 1885 he performed solo at Circulo Mercantil in Sevilla, at least until 1895 he played in various Andalusian cities while already based in Seville as an employee until his death of the Ibarra shipping company, his obituaries mention him as 'favorite disciple' of Francisco Tarrega who dedicated a 'Serenata Espanola' for guitar to Don Pedro Aguilera in 1902, he was grandchild of Manuel Castillo who composed a Sonata 'Homenaje a Pedro Aguilera' for guitar

Title Parts

[] (title unknown). Melodia original de caracter grave y melancolico
publication announced in La Andalucia Moderna 1893

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