Agus, Giuseppe (Joseph) c1725-apr.1803 Italy, ? - ?, ?
violinist, 6.nov.1748-1755 member of the Royal Society of Musicians in London, 1751-a1795 violinist at the Italian Opera in London, 1758 he subscribed to Ten voluntaries for the organ or harpsichord by John Bennett, 1763 as violinist residing at St Alban's Street in London, 15.jan.1777 as musician residing at St Margaret London, 1794 as violinist at the Pantheon Opera House and member of the Royal Society of Musicians and of the Academy of Ancient Music residing at Windmill Street in London Haymarket ; probably father of Joseph Agus jr.

Title Parts

[] 6 Notturnos. 2 Violins and cello. op4 []
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