Agusti Aimami, Victoriano (Victorino) (catalan: Victori) 18.feb.1808-4.oct.1884 Spain Catalunya, Reus - Reus
choirmaster, conductor, studied music with choirmaster Joaquin Biosca in Reus and later in Madrid, 1866 choirmaster of the chapel of San Pedro Apostol in Reus, he lived at Calle Abadia no.3, he founded several choral and instrumental societies, among his music students were composer Francesco Salvat, singer/composer Jaime Cort Mestres, organist/composer Jose Maria Benaiges and singer Emilio Bruiget Busquets

Title Parts

[] Sinfonia
performed the Reus La Filarmonico at a concert organized by Sociedad Musica de Reus at the theatre in Reus 2apr1851 

[] Vexilla Regis. Hymn. 4vv Choir, 2 flutes, 2 trumpets and bassoon
words Venanci Fortunat

[] Mass. Choir. 1863
[] (details unknown). Sacred compositions
[Baltasar Saldoni 1881]

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