Agut, F de P 18??-?? ?Spain, ? - ?, ?
guitarist, probably active in Boston Massachusetts, the titles of his compositions suggest that he originated from Spain (Gallegada) (El jaleo) (Cachuca)

Title Parts

[] La Poloma. Guitar
music F. de P. Agut [Pazdirek]
music F. de Agut [Ditson]
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston 1889

in the Library of Congress Washington DC are the following compositions by Agut (no forename, no initials) who is most likely the same as F. de P. Agut :
[] La Paloma (The dove). Guitar
music by Sebastian Yradier (Spain 1809-1865), arranged for guitar by Agut

[] La Gallegada. Guitar
[] El jaleo. Valse. Guitar
[] La Cachucha. Guitar
[] Mandolina. Mexican serenade. Guitar
music by unknown, arranged for guitar by Agut

[] El catatum. Spanish song. Guitar
[] Consuelo. Polka mazurka. Guitar
[] El suspiro. Schottische. Guitar
[] Tango fadino. Guitar
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