Ahl 'Fallersleben', Georg 7.jul.1878-30.apr.1945 Germany, Fallersleben - Berlin Schoneberg
pianist, violinist, conductor, 2.aug.1890 emigrated with his mother to the USA following his father who had settled in Pittsburgh, 1896-1904 in Pittsburgh he studied violin with Luigi von Kunitz and piano with Joseph Gittings and Frederic Boscovitz, 1900 as vocal music teacher residing with his parents at 527 Graham Street in Pittsburgh, 14.jun.1905 in Pittsburgh he became naturalized american, 3.jul.1905 he planned a visit to Germany and to return on 28.jun.1907, 22.may.1907 in Berlin he applied for a passport to return to Pittsburgh, 1905-1908 studied composition with Paul Juon and Max Bruch at the Hochschule fur Musik in Berlin, 1908-1916 music teacher at Landerziehungsheim in Haubinda, 1919 music teacher at Schloss Bieberstein, 1919-1920 music teacher in Berlin, 4.aug.1922-1924 as pianist, violinist and conductor active in the USA and residing with his friend Mr. Hoffmann of Berlin in Pittsburgh, 1924-1935 music teacher in Berlin, 1928 residing at Munchner Strasse 31 in Berlin Schoneberg and never returned to the USA, he died as soldier in war action in the Battle of Berlin ; son of composer Carl Ahl and Bertha Boes (Hannover 4.aug.1839-16.dec.1919 Berlin)

Title Parts

[] 2 Phantasiestucke fur grosses orchester. World Exhibition, St Louis USA 1904 
[] Zwei vaterlandslieder, fur gemischten chor
words Richard Dehmel
pub Protze, Berlin-Steglitz c1915

[] Deutschlands fahnenlied. Voice and piano / Male choir / Mixed choir
no1 from Zwei vaterlandslieder
words Richard Dehmel
pub Protze, Berlin-Steglitz c1915

[] Piano sonata in c. Akron Ohio 1922
[] Liebesszene. String quartet, double bass and piano. Pittsburgh 1922
[] Lieb um liebe. Soprano, tenor, violin and organ or piano. 1925
words Wilhelm Wendebourg

[] Fuge und allegro. String quartet. Grunberg, Schleswig 1926
[] 2 Fugen. String orchestra
[] Violin sonata in c
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