Ahlberg, Gunnar Wilhelm Hannibal (pseud: Guy Ammandt) 20.oct.1886-2.mar.1943 Sweden, Stockholm Katarina - Stockholm
pianist, conductor, studied at the Musik Konservatorium in Stockholm, 1909-1911 he received the Beskows stipendium and 1911-1912 the Jenny Lind stipendium, 1912-1928 worked as accompanist, conductor and repetitor in Germany, as conductor for Max Reinhardt in Berlin, then in Bayreuth, after 1928 as accompanist and as conductor and repetitor at the Vasateatern in Stockholm, at time of death residing at Birger Jarlsgatan 83 in Stockholm ; son of chef-cooke Carl Wilhelm Ahlberg (Sundby 1.sep.1854-25.sep.1913 Stockholm) and Anna Ottilia Ammondt (Finland, Palakne 3.jan.1859-16.dec.1938 Stockholm) ; he married Sara Hildegard Margareta 'Greta' Nystrom (19.nov.1901-26.mar.1980 Goteborg) ; 5.oct.1936 he married opera soprano Karin Anna Elvira Rydqvist (Goteborg 27.apr.1892-15.apr.1970 Stockholm)

Title Parts

[] Slut dina ogon (Close your eyes). Waltz song
words Gosta Solwe
Jussi Bjorling, Orchestra / Jens Warny. Nimbus 7879

[] Sag mig god natt (Say good night to me). Song
arrangement of "The sunshine of your smile" by Lilian Ray
Jussi Bjorling at Tivoli Copenhagen 1932. Naxos 8.110790

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