Ahlberg, Torsten Vincent 13.sep.1900-9.apr.1976 Sweden, Lindesberg - Orgryte
clarinetist, teacher, studied music privately in Orsa and 1924-1925 at the Rickard Anderssons musikskola in Sweden, then at the Musikhochschule in Sondershausen Germany, he was active as conductor in Germany and married there, 1932 he returned to Sweden and settled in Goteborg as music teacher, 1933-1945 founder/director of a music school in Goteborg, 1934 music critic and journalist for the Goteborgstidningen, 1957 he became director of a Swedish daily newspaper in Goteborg

Title Parts

[] Symphony no2 in g. 1930
[] Symphony no3
[] Violin concerto
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