Ahlborn, Helmut 1933- Germany, ?
organist, 1961-2007 of the Marienkirche in Neustadt, teacher latin and ancient greek at the Goetheschule in Einbeck, 1884-1993 conductor of Posaunenchor Einbeck

Title Parts

[] Suite. 3 Trumpets and plucked string orchestra. 1971
pub Joachim Trekel, Haus der Musik, Hamburg

[] Suite no2 [] - Intermezzo
Einbecker Mandolinenorchester, Aula der Goetheschule Einbeck 29sep2012
[] Kleine fantasie. Organ and plucked string orchestra
pub Joachim Trekel, Haus der Musik, Hamburg 1990

[] Choral prelude Morgenglanz der ewigkeit. Organ and mandolin orchestra
[] Kirchenlied "Maria durch ein dornwald ging"
Einbecker Mandolinenorchester, Neustadter Kirche 27nov2011

[] Freundschaftslied (Chant de Jumelage). Choir (audience in German and French) and orchestra
in collaboration with Rosemarie Busse of Thiais France
performed at the ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of partnership between Einbeck Germany and Thiais France by the Mendelsohn Musikschule Einbeck and the Academie des Arts de Thiais under the direction of Dagmar Schindewolf at the Wilhelm-Bendow-Theater in Einbeck 29may2012

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