Ahrens, 'Peg' (fem) 21.jul.1950- USA Ohio, Clinton
singer, hornist, clarinetist, pianist, electronics, multimedia, 1969-1973 BM in voice with Irma Cooper from Ohio State University in Columbus, studied voice with Donna Petersen, indian raga singing with Terry Riley, composition with Robert Achley and video with Keith Walker and T J McHose at Mills College in Oakland California, 1975 MFA in electronic music, 1975-1976 member of the San Francisco Opera Chorus, 1987 recording engineer at Kent State University Ohio

Title Parts

[] Sorrow. Voice, viola and cello. 1970
[] String quartet. 1971
[] Mean proportion. 84 or 56 Strings. 1973
[] Italian graffiti. Voice and piano. 1974
[] Excuse me, but are there any protozoa in this pond?. Live electronics. 1974
[] Blurp. Voice, tape and video. 1974
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