Ahrling, Florence Adelaide (fem) 30.sep.1907-2.mar.1993 USA New Jersey, Hoboken - Ocean Grove
soprano, choirmaster, teacher voice, 1930 graduated from the Juilliard Institute of Musical Art, 1931 from the Alvienne University School of Arts in New York City, 1933 diploma public school music and 1940 composition from the University Extention Conservatory of Chicago, 1934 she gave her debut recital at Chalif Hall in New York, 1939-1942 soloist in Holy Day Services at Temple Beth El in Asbury Park New Jersey, 1940 she maintainded a private studio in New York while she and her sister Marie were still single and living with her parents at 510 Blanchard Parkway in Ocean New Jersey, 1942 soloist for the St Cecilia Club annually at the Waldorf-Astoria, 1945 choirmaster for Temple Beth El, 1947 soloist at the First Presbyterian Church in Stamford Connecticut, 1950 residing at Peldean Court Pelham 65 in New York with studio at 144 Prospect Street in Stamford ; daughter of office manager Walter Ferdinand Ahrling (Hoboken 8.sep.1877-) and Elizabeth Agnes Marie Ebbing (New York 1877-) ; sister of pianist Anna Marie Ahrling (New York City 17.dec.1901-1.mar.1997 Ocean Grove) who was her lifelong accompanist

Title Parts

[] Chinese and Hebrew melodies. 1946
written for the Inter-Faith Association

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