Aichinger, Gregor 1564-20.jan.1628 Germany, Regensburg - Augsburg
organist, 2.nov.1578 enrolled Ingolstadt University, 1584-1587 studied music with Giovanni Gabrieli in Venice, 21.jul.1588 again enrolled Ingolstadt University, 1599-1601 again in Italy he studied at Perugia University, 1601-1628 ordained priest he devoted himself to the church (and composing) in Augsburg

Title Parts

Regina caeli laetare. Motet
Chorgemeinschaft St Hubertus Aachen / Mathias Dederichs

[] Salve Regina. 2 Sopranos, tenor and organ
[] Ave Regina. SATB and organ
[] Stabat Mater. 2 Sopranos and bass
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