Aide, Charles Hamilton 4.nov.1827-13.dec.1906 France, Paris - England, London
poet, novelist, born with british nationality at rue St Honore in Paris, 7.dec.1827 baptized by bishop Matthew Henry Luscombe in Paris, 1830 his father was killed in a duel whereafter his mother returned to England, where she owned a home in Lyndhurst Hampshire, 13.dec.1831 he was again baptized in Whitchurch Hampshire, 1841-1875 residing with his mother at lodging homes at St George Hanover Square in London Westminster, 1844 he studied at the University of Bonn Germany, 1847-1853 he served in the British Army as lieutenant of the 85th Regiment at Fulwood Barracks Manchester, retiring with the rank of captain, 1875 after the death of his mother he took residence at Queen Anne's Gate in Westminster, 1896 residing at 23 Hanover Square and later until death residing at Ascot Wood Cottage in Ascot Berkshire, he died at his London home 28 Half Moon Street in Piccadilly and was buried at the churchyard of All Souls in Ascot ; son of the greek George Aide Esq. and gentlewoman Georgina Emma Maria Collier (London Marylebone 3.may.1790-12.oct.1875 Hampshire, Southsea) who married 16.apr.1822 at St George Hanover Square ; brother Frederick Alexander Aide (Paris 4.jul.1823-1831 Boulogne, died in an accident) ; he never married and left a fortune to Miss Viola Tree, Lady Henry Stanley and Mr. Morton Fullerton 'Times' correspondent in Paris

Title Parts

[] Like a tree beside the river. Song. 1858
[] Home across the quiet meadows. Song. 1861
[] Nightingale. Duett. Song. 1861
[] The morning and evening star. Song. 1862
[] The Danube River. Voice and piano. London 1864, Boston 1868
[] Maid of the mill (Do not forget me, the words she sang to me). Song. 1868
[] I know where I would go. Song. 1868
words by the late Mrs. Boddington

[] The fashion of this world passeth away. 1868
words by the late Thomas Haynes Bayly

[] The fisher. Voice and piano. 1870
[] Brown eyes or blue eyes. Voice and piano. 1871
[] The signal she knows. Song. 1871
[] Spanish boat song. Voice and piano. 1874
[] Dance on forever, the linden waltz. Song. San Francisco 1874
[] Remember or forget. Voice and piano. London 1875
dedicated to the hon'ble Mrs. Dudley Carleton
[] 1 - in D
[] 2 - in F
[] Let me dream of happy days. Song. 1875
[] The maid I love is six years old. Song. 1876
[] A lament "Swifter far". Song. 1877
words Percy Bysshe Shelley

[] In Autumn. Voice and piano. 1879
[] Would that love. Song. 1880
[] A Seville love song. Voice and piano. New York 1884
[] The lesson in the polka. Song. 1884
[] Fairy ring. Song. 1885
[] For Aye. Song. 1886
the words translated from Sully Prudhomme by Mrs. Toynbee.

[] Shamrock and the rose. Voice and piano. 1887
[] Glide to thy rest. Duett for soprano and baritone. Song. 1887
[] Believe me. Song. 1887
[] Doctor Bill. Comedy in 3 acts. New York 1889
adaptation of the Parisian farce Le Docteur Jo-Jo by Albert Carre

[] Some fair Isle of Greece. Song. 1890
[] Le vrai bonheur. Song. 1895
[] The fields of night. Song. 1896
[] Have you seen her near the fountain meadows. Voice and piano
[] Alone on the shore. Voice and piano
[] Jenny in the orchard. Voice and piano
[] At my feet. Voice and piano
[] Babe, good night. Voice and piano
[] Come again. Voice and piano
[] Little May. Voice and piano
[] The music of the sea. Voice and piano
[] Winter is past. Voice and piano
[] Come, neighbour nightingale. Song
[] I watch thee from afar. Song
[] Like a rosebud. Song
[] The lovers warning. Duett. Song
[] Une nuit de Juin (Danube river). Song
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