Aidenaunt, M 18??-19?? USA ?, ? - ?, ?
probably a pseudonym because none of the different spellings of this name is an existing family name

[in Pazdirek erroneously named Aidenaught]

Title Parts

[] Dear Cupid, what troubles the men? Humoristic female trio
words by J. C. Macy, music by M. Aidenaunt
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston 10sep1891
copyright renewal Mary Emma S. Macy, Somerville Massachusetts as the widow of the author of the words 20jan1919
the copyright for the music seems to have never been renewed, possibly because M. Aidenaunt was a pseudonym for a person who could not be traced

- sung by a quartet at "the best and best attended session ever" of the Highland County Teachers' Institute, Hillsboro Ohio 5sep1895
- sung by Mrs. Cain, Miss Walton and Mrs. Gantt at A Valentine Musicale by Mr. and Mrs. James W. Cain at their residence on College Green, Annapolis Maryland 14feb1900
- sung "probably the best hit of the evening" by a trio of the Juanita Glee Club Entertainers at the YMCA Gymnasium, Chicago 10feb1902
- sung by Mrs. Maye C. Tinker, Miss Bertha Grinnell and Miss Christine Levin of the Ladies' Concert Company, Chicago 30aug1904

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