Aikin, William Arthur 25.jan.1857-26.jul.1939 England, London Paddington - London Kensington
amateur musician, phonologist, surgeon, he did research in phonology in connection with singing and was promotor of the whispering vocal study, born at 8 Southwick Place in Paddington, 1861-1881 residing with 2 housemaids, nurse, governess, cook, footman and his parents at 7 Clifton Place in Paddington, 1891 married residing with 2 servants and cook at 14 Sumner Place in Kensington, 1910 he published 'The Voice' an introduction to practical phonology, 1911-1939 residing with housemaid, parlourmaid and cook at 66 Bedford Gardens in Kensington, he retired at the age of 54 and well spent his savings and the huge inheritance of his father (little was left at his own death) ; son of doctor Charles Arthur Aikin (London 4.feb.1821-11.feb.1908 Wales, Corwen) and Louisa Jane Shepherd (Yorkshire, Kirkdale 1821-21.jan.1912 Wales, Llangollen) ; 1887 in Kensington he married Evelyn Francis Eddy (London, St George Hanover Square 1865-19.nov.1939 Sussex, Arundel) ; they had no children

Title Parts

[] Shall I compare thee to a summer's day. Voice and piano. 1911
Anthony Rolfe-Johnson, Graham Johnson. Hyperion 66480

[] Consolation (Nachtlied). Song
words Heinrich Heine, english translation Nella
pub J. B. Cramer & Co., London 1880

[] To the setting sun. Song
words and music William Arthur Aikin
pub Stanley Lucas, Weber & Co., London 1881

[] Love must make or mar. Song
words and music W. A. Aikin
pub Metzler & Co., London 1884

[] O sing once more. Chorus and 4 solo parts. 1889
[] 'Tis here! my beloved. River song
words and music W. A. Aikin
pub Boosey & Co., London 1892

[] Winter sunshine
no1 from Three songs
words and music A. W. Aikin
pub J. Williams, London 1902

[] Lead, kindly light. Hymn
words Cardinal Newman
from Arundel Hymns
pub Boosey & Co., London 1911

[] Sigh no more ladies. Voice and piano
words William Shakespeare
pub Stainer & Bell, London 1911

[] Sonnet XVIII. Song
words William Shakespeare
pub Stainer & Bell, London 1911

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