Ailbout, Johann Franz 'Hans' 2.jul.1879-1.sep.1957 Germany, Krefeld - Berlin
pianist, bandleader, conductor, studied with Hans Pfitzner and Martin Krause at the Sternkonservatorium in Berlin, 1900-1906 teacher at the Sternkonservatorium in Berlin, director of a conservatory in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, he used many pseudonyms

Title Parts

[] Wenn dich die bosen buben locken. Opera farce. Kur Theater, Swinemunde 23jul1914
libretto Alex Oskar Erler, Karl Zimmer

[] Die blonde geisha. Music for the film operetta. 1923
libretto G. Okonkowski and Ludwig Czerny

[] Miss Venus. Music for the film
[] Das Kussverbot. Music for the film
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