Akerlind, Curt Ossian Nils 15.oct.1912-11.mar.1987 Sweden, Stockholm - Holmsund near Umea
pianist, orchestral and choral conductor, studied with Olof Wibergh, Harald Gillgren, Gustaf Nordqvist and Vladimir Oulianski at Stockholm Academy, 1939 debuted as pianist in Stockholm, 1936-1955 worked for Swedish Radio, 1976 teacher of music at the music school in Kalmar

Title Parts

[] Jag blott tango dansa vill. Tango harmoni. Voice and piano
by Curt Akerlind and Helga Ahl-Compagna
pub Skandinaviska Odeon, Stockholm 1946

[] Castingmarsch
first prize for composition in Kalmar 1973

[] Concerto antique. Flute, strings and harp
[] Nocturne. Harp and orchestra
[] 16 swingpianister spela upp. Piano
collected and edited by Curt Akerlind
pub Nordiska Musikforlaget, Stockholm

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