Aksyuk, Sergey Vasilyevich 6.dec.1901-1994 Russia ?Siberia, ? - ?, ?
1918 graduated in piano from the music school in Rostov-on-Don, studied composition with Mikhail F Gnesin and piano with L Barabeichik at Rostov-on-Don Conservatory, 1938 settled in Moscow, 1951-1956 consultant to the board of the USSR Union of Composers, 1956-1960 editor-in-chief of the publishing house 'Soviet Composer' Moscow, 1957-1962 secretary of the USSR Union of Composers

Title Parts

[] The Pugachevtsy. Opera. 1937
libretto based on the novel Vadim by M.Yu. Lermontov
successful individual solo numbers and episodes were
[] - Song of the Cossack
[] - Choir of the Beggars
[] Song about the merchant Kalashnikov. Opera. 1940
libretto after M.Yu. Lermontov

[] Russkie narodnye pesni Krasnoyarskogo kraya. Voice and piano
arr of a folksong from Krasnoyarsky kray (Siberia)
pub Sovetsky Kompozitor, Moscow 1958

[] 24 Preludes "Russian pictures". Piano. 1962-1964
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