Akulenko, Pavel Semenovich 12/25.dec.1904-19.jun.1960 Russia Siberia, Senchanka near Tomsk - ?, ?

Title Parts

[] Visoko orel letaet (Rise like the eagle). Patriotic song. 1955
words A. Kovalenkov

[] Dear Byelorussia, golden Ukraine "Each step of our army pushes dark night back". Patriotic song. 1940
Song about liberation of western Ukraine and western Byelorussia in 1940 by the Red Army
words V. Lugovskoy
Red Army Choir

[] Step wider "our people's comissaire, comrade Timoshenko, will teach us". Marching song. 1941
words S. Alimov

[] Old-growth forests in the Central (Teelahkmeil ja maeharjul). Male choir
words V. Lebedev-Kumats
in the collection Punaarmeelase lauluvara
edited by G. Ernesaks and J. Variste
pub Eesti Riiklik Kirjastus (Estonian State Publishing), Moscow 1944

[] Chto takoe letnaya pogoda (What is summer weather). Patriotic song. 1951
words Kolichev

[] Do not stray from the road falcon. Voice and piano
words A. Kovalenko
in the collection Songs and chastushki. Russian folksongs arr for choir
edition Pyatnitsky compiled by A. Shirokov
pub Sovetsky Kompozitor, Moscow 1961

[] Etude. Accordion
in performing edition Selected pieces for music schools grade V. Vol. 6 by F. Bushuyeva
pub Sovetsky Kompozitor, Moscow 1970

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