Alagna, Alfredo c1875-1961 Italy, ?Naples - Naples
pianist, studied music with Leopoldo Mugnone, for 40 years musician at Teatro San Carlo in Naples, later he lived in Marsala probably as music teacher at Liceo Musicale 'G. Mule', at death he left an unexpected and eradicated inheritance to the Liceo Musicale 'G. Mule' in Marsala, consisting of a piano and a very large musical library which included all the operas from the repertoire and a vast assortment of lesser known operas, symphonic music works of the valuable editions of Henry Litolffs Verlag and Breitkopf und Hartel, some operas have inestimable value because they bare the dedication to Alagna by the composers Cilea, Giordano, Leoncavallo, Mascagni and many others, an infinity of photographs of celebrated masters, all accompanied by a dedication, including that of the famous Leopoldo Mugnone

Title Parts

[] Lungi da te! Romanza "Quando, o fanciulla". Tenor and piano. op4
dedication : a Gianni Bucceri
versi di Franco Vinci
pub Giovanni Ricordi, Milan 1893

[] Sur les vagues. Barcarolle pour piano. op9
dedication : a Ettore Marroni
pub G. Ricordi & C., Milan & Paris 1904

[] Danse des pages (Danza di paggi), pour piano. op10
dedication : a Ugo Ricci (poet, journalist Naples 1875-1940)
pub G. Ricordi & C., Milan 1904

[] Dormi, dormi. ninna-nanna. Voice and piano. op11
dedication : All'Eletta Signora Angelina Valcarenghi
versi di Antonio Tumbarello
pub G. Ricordi & C., Milan 1904

[] Talon rouge. Gavotte pour piano. op12
pub G. Ricordi & C., Milan & Paris 1904

[] All'ombra delle tue ciglia
pub R. Izzo, Naples

[] En pensant a toi. Mazurca
pub R. Izzo, Naples

[] La Procella. Barcerole
pub Societa musicale napolitana, Naples

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